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Thanksgiving Riddles Placemat

Thanksgiving Placemat

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Size (in inches):

11.75 x 16.75

Front Text:

See if you can guess the answers to these Thanksgiving riddles:

 Q:  What female is always asked to say the Thanksgiving blessing?  A: Grace
 Q:  What do accountants do on thanksgiving?  A: Count their blessings
 Q:  Why can't you take turkeys to church?  A: Because they use such fowl language.
 Q:  What did the pilgrims use to bake a cake?  A: May-flour
 Q:  Why didn't the turkey finish dessert on Thanksgiving?  A: She was stuffed!
 Q:  What smells the best on Thanksgiving?  A: Your nose
Q:  Where does Thanksgiving come after Christmas?  A: In the dictionary.
Q:  What kind of music do pilgrims like?  A: Plymouth Rock
Q:  Why did the turkey cross the road?  A: It was the chicken's day off.
Q: Why did they let the Turkey join the thanksgiving band?  A: Because he had the drumsticks.

Item Details:

Disposable Thanksgiving Placemat featuring funny riddles that can be read at the table.

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